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Difficulties in life are hard to face sometimes.  We are left standing there saying, “What just happened?”  When life hits us from the side and we didn’t see that thing coming …  how quickly in those moments we forget what God has promised.  He tells us over and over again throughout scriptures that no matter what comes at you, I’m here; I’ve got this one, just trust me.  How many times do we turn aside from those words and that voice and quickly get mired down in the circumstance that we are facing.  When we turn away and disregard His voice, do we realize how we have broken His heart?  He loves us and wants to see us through the trials of life.  We always have to remember that what God says is true and no matter what the circumstance looks like He’s got it covered … doesn’t it say, “With people this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” [Matt 19:26]  Jesus spoke these very words and what He speaks is truth and you can rest in it!  You know that circumstance you are in right now, He’s got it covered … but don’t trust me, trust His word … “with God all things are possible.”


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Hello world!

First blog post coming soon!

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