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Life can certainly throw you a curve ball at times.  Many people panic and react to life circumstances versus waiting and resting in the power and assurance of God.  We wonder why people don’t want to become part of a church fellowship?  If we, wearing the name of Christ, react and panic to life, what hope does that give others?  None!  People are looking for and thirsting for hope … hope that they will be healed … hope that their financial difficulties will turn around … hope that failing relationships will be mended.  We are to be people of a steadfast spirit not a people of reaction.  Faith develops steadfastness, steadfastness develops hope in others.  James 1:3 ESV “… for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness…” What is steadfastness?  It means to be fixed or unchanging, steady, unswerving.  When met with life circumstances, be Christlike … steadfast and purposeful.


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