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How many of you have been hurt by a brother or sister in Christ?  I mean deeply wounded … friendship destroyed as a result of an action that caused deep pain type of hurt.  It’s hard to even be in the presence of that person let alone love that person any longer.  However, look what it states in Hebrews:

“Let brotherly [sisterly] love continue” ~ Hebrews 13:1

Our love for one another is to never stop and to be continuous … it is to be infinite even in the face of great pain and hurt … this kind of love is not a feeling because feelings fail us … this kind of love can only come through Christ.  Don’t confuse this love with the love that our culture has defined or that we define under our own knowledge, because it is not the same.  This kind of love can only be found through the cross of Christ.

Rarely do we observe this kind of love between brothers and sisters in Christ.  Instead we find fighting, jealousy and campaigns to undermine the integrity of others.  He or she hurt me, so in turn, the other lashes out.  We see spitefulness, pride and manipulation … we see relationships torn to shreds all because we have ignored this direct commandment to “Let brotherly [sisterly] love continue” … to continue in spite of the pain, to love as Christ loved, to change our human definition of love to be shaped into God’s definition of love.


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