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There has been so much sadness and pain in the lives of the people around me as of late. I bring to them the hope of Christ in their situation yet I still find that they weep. I did not get it at first. Was I not connected to God as I should be and because of that, I was not bringing the comfort of Christ? What was I not getting … and then I read Psalm 30:5 and the Holy Spirit revealed a new facet of this scripture that I have read many times before but did not see:

“Weeping may endure for a night,but joy comes in the morning.”

 It is not that they; in the midst of their loss, sadness, and pain were not covered by the comfort and peace of Christ … they wept still because it served God’s purpose. I think this quote will clarify what I mean: “Our tears water the “seeds of providence” that God has planted on our path; and without our tears, those seeds could never grow and produce.” (unknown) … Our tears serve a God ordained purpose in bringing about the change necessary for the dawn of the “new thing” He has purposed  … He will bring us through the pain and to the blessing.  However, we may need to weep first but in the weeping know that the joy will come as we see the sprout of the “new day” the “new season” and the purposes and revelations of God!! Be blessed today, weep if you need to in the midst of your current pain, but be assured your tears serve a purpose and your joy is about to birth forth a great thing through Christ Jesus!


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