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I have become appalled with the behavior of our culture over the years. Our culture has evolved into an entitlement culture. The lingo of the day is “I have to have” or “I need” or “I can’t live with out …” This language is not being applied to things like food, water, shelter, safe living environment etc. It is being linked with statements like: “I have to have the iPhone 6” or “I need the 2014 BMW” or “I can’t live with out those Ugg boots or I’ll die” … really, has our culture become so shallow and self-absorbed that people really believe they are entitled to all these ‘things’? Let us live counter culturally and daily live with a heart of gratitude. Cultivate an atmosphere of gratitude for all that God has provided.


“In every thing give thanks, for this is the will

of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.”

1 Thessalonians 5:18


Let’s stop using statements like “I need”, “I have to have” in regards to things that bring no benefit to our lives. Instead, let us shift our thinking to “I need God’s presence in my life in a deeper way” “I have to have my heart beating in sync with God’s” and “I can’t live with out the Holy Spirit’s power operating in my life” then thank God for all that you do have … develop a heart of gratitude toward God and others!!


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