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When I read and study the scriptures I like to pull out and look at various translations of the text. I did that recently with Acts 2:26 and love how the Message Bible translation paints the picture for this scripture

“I’ve pitched my tent in the land of hope.”

~ Acts 2:26b ~

It is very easy to lose hope theses days. ISIS killing innocent people because of their hate filled agenda. Nations around the world are being flooded with Syrian refugees who are fleeing countries where violence has escalated to unimaginable levels. Our country losing its Godly perspective that our forefathers built as a foundation for this nation. Diseases ravaging the bodies of loved ones. Bank accounts that are dwindling by the day because of unemployment. Yes, it is easy to lose hope when we look to the world around us.

But, my hope is in Jesus Christ. My hope is not in man and manmade things. I have chosen to “pitch my tent in the land of hope.” The imagery in this verse is beautiful. I dwell, I follow, I live … within the hope of Jesus Christ. He is God’s Son and the sender of the Holy Spirit. He never leaves us. His light of love, mercy and grace shines bright in a dark and disturbing world. I stand in His presence and luxuriate in the warmth of His Hope. No worry, no fear, no anxiety, no hate … only His love, only His saving grace, only His hope, His peace, His strength do I find “in the land of hope.” Today, pull up the stakes of your tent and travel from hopelessness to the land of hope; pitch your tent and dwell in the presence of Jesus and there find your breath of life … Hope!


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