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“… I will give to the one who thirsts from the spring of the water of life without cost.” 

Revelation 21:6b

Thirst … have you ever been so thirsty that your tongue stuck to the inside of your mouth?  Those thirst headaches are the worst.  When you are thirsty, you are miserable.  The only thing you can think about is finding something to drink to quench the thirst.  Once you do find that thirst quencher, it is so refreshing!

The same experience can be applied to our lives.  We thirst to fill that void in our lives.  The void is misery.  We want nothing more than to fill that void so that the misery will end.  Sadly, too many people turn to the things of the world to fill the void … alcohol, drugs, relationship, shopping, eating, over exercising … and the list goes on.  Unfortunately, these things do not quench the thirst but increases the thirst at an exorbitant cost.  Thirst after God … not the things of the world.  He is the only One that is able to truly fill us!  He is the only One that is able to fill the void within us!  Thirst after Him and He will quench your thirst and fill you to overflowing with His love, grace, mercy, and presence!  It will cost you nothing … but it cost Jesus dearly … and He paid the price willingly so we wouldn’t have to!!



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“Then Jesus gave a loud cry and breathed his last. And the curtain of the temple was torn in two, from top to bottom. Now when the centurion, who stood facing him, saw that in this way he breathed his last, he said, “Truly this man was God’s Son!””

— Mark 15:37,38

Today our hearts break at the injustice done to our Savior our Messiah … Today we remember!  This day is called Good Friday but for Jesus Christ it was the most horrific indescribable moment in time … I weep at that thought of what was done to My Lord My Savior My Messiah … and He endured it for the immeasurable love He has for me and for you.  This day remember … This day know that you are loved beyond comprehension … This day know that He overcame satan and hell and reigns victorious over ALL … This day bow and humble yourselves before Jesus, Yeshua, Messiah .. the Risen Living King! Amen!

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I haven’t posted a blog for awhile.  The reason? … I have been in a season of seeking after God through prayer, fasting and digging through His word.  You see, I am in a season of transition and sometimes that can be a difficult place to be.  I am passionate about the call God has on my life and when I am passionate about something, it is very hard for me to sit and wait for God’s timing.  I am, for the most part, patient … until … it comes to something that I am passionate about … then … not so much! But, I have learned that it is best to wait on God and for His timing, His release, His go!

“Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart

and wait for the Lord.” ~ Psalm 27:14

Waiting is not easy … but I want to encourage you in your season of waiting … gather the strength you will need in this season, build up the courage you will need in this season and draw closer to God in this season.  God is refining you, shaping you and creating you into the vessel that He will need for you to be so that you are able to accomplish the new level of God’s calling in your life.  He has a purpose for you … wait on Him as He fills you to overflowing with the purposes of God to do His work in the new season!

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How many of you have been hurt by a brother or sister in Christ?  I mean deeply wounded … friendship destroyed as a result of an action that caused deep pain type of hurt.  It’s hard to even be in the presence of that person let alone love that person any longer.  However, look what it states in Hebrews:

“Let brotherly [sisterly] love continue” ~ Hebrews 13:1

Our love for one another is to never stop and to be continuous … it is to be infinite even in the face of great pain and hurt … this kind of love is not a feeling because feelings fail us … this kind of love can only come through Christ.  Don’t confuse this love with the love that our culture has defined or that we define under our own knowledge, because it is not the same.  This kind of love can only be found through the cross of Christ.

Rarely do we observe this kind of love between brothers and sisters in Christ.  Instead we find fighting, jealousy and campaigns to undermine the integrity of others.  He or she hurt me, so in turn, the other lashes out.  We see spitefulness, pride and manipulation … we see relationships torn to shreds all because we have ignored this direct commandment to “Let brotherly [sisterly] love continue” … to continue in spite of the pain, to love as Christ loved, to change our human definition of love to be shaped into God’s definition of love.

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I was sitting with a group having coffee and the conversation turned toward the topic of “the will of God.” There is a statement that I hear all too often when discussing the will of God.  This evening was no different … “I wish I knew what God wants me to do … What is His will for me?” Whenever this topic is up for discussion, I find myself experiencing a deep frustration when I hear these words.  If only people would pickup their Bibles, blow the dust off that has collected due to neglect, crack open the cover and begin to read; they would find scriptures like Micah 6:8

” … What does the Lord require of you

but to do justice, to love kindness,

And to walk humbly with your God?”

I believe this scripture is clear about the will of God.  Are the things that are absorbing our time and energy fulfilling these three things? If not, then we are outside the will of God.  Assess where you are spending your time and determine if those things meet the needs of justice … That those things are steeped in kindness … And above all, are those things placing you in a position of humbleness before God.  What is the will of God for your life? … To do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with God.

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Life can certainly throw you a curve ball at times.  Many people panic and react to life circumstances versus waiting and resting in the power and assurance of God.  We wonder why people don’t want to become part of a church fellowship?  If we, wearing the name of Christ, react and panic to life, what hope does that give others?  None!  People are looking for and thirsting for hope … hope that they will be healed … hope that their financial difficulties will turn around … hope that failing relationships will be mended.  We are to be people of a steadfast spirit not a people of reaction.  Faith develops steadfastness, steadfastness develops hope in others.  James 1:3 ESV “… for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness…” What is steadfastness?  It means to be fixed or unchanging, steady, unswerving.  When met with life circumstances, be Christlike … steadfast and purposeful.

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Has the church of today turned into a “den of robbers”?

“My house shall be called a house of prayer,

but you make it a den of robbers.”

Matthew 21:13

We have robbed God of our prayers, worship and tithes.  We have robbed God of the ability to work out His good and perfect will through the church because of empty prayers, empty worship, and empty giving bags.  It’s sad to see worship become entertainment.   It’s heartbreaking to find churches empty of intercessors who are willing to pray at any hour of the day.  It’s distressing to see church doors closing for good due to lack of funding.  Stop robbing God and return to worship that is pure and true.  Stop robbing God and bend your knee to Him in prayer throughout the day.  Stop robbing God of finances and invest in God’s Kingdom and mission versus wasting your income on material things.  God has every right to be angry and enter our churches to clear them of the thieves who have stolen from Him.

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