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“… I will give to the one who thirsts from the spring of the water of life without cost.” 

Revelation 21:6b

Thirst … have you ever been so thirsty that your tongue stuck to the inside of your mouth?  Those thirst headaches are the worst.  When you are thirsty, you are miserable.  The only thing you can think about is finding something to drink to quench the thirst.  Once you do find that thirst quencher, it is so refreshing!

The same experience can be applied to our lives.  We thirst to fill that void in our lives.  The void is misery.  We want nothing more than to fill that void so that the misery will end.  Sadly, too many people turn to the things of the world to fill the void … alcohol, drugs, relationship, shopping, eating, over exercising … and the list goes on.  Unfortunately, these things do not quench the thirst but increases the thirst at an exorbitant cost.  Thirst after God … not the things of the world.  He is the only One that is able to truly fill us!  He is the only One that is able to fill the void within us!  Thirst after Him and He will quench your thirst and fill you to overflowing with His love, grace, mercy, and presence!  It will cost you nothing … but it cost Jesus dearly … and He paid the price willingly so we wouldn’t have to!!



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